Acid Dyes

In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing an array of Acid Dyes which are used for dyeing protein fibers. Red Sun Dye Chem is widely recognized for their outstanding effectiveness, longer shelf life and absolute chemical composition, and further these acid dyes are massively sought after in the market. Our manufactured Acid Dyes are provided in tamper proof packaging to prevent contamination. These offered Acid Dyes are normally used for textile industry as it is highly normal water soluble, and have better light fastness than basic dyes. These manufactured Acid dyes are commonly separated into three sessions which depend on fastness necessities, level dyeing properties and budget.

Since our establishment we are considered to be one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of huge quality of Acid Dyes, which are better light fastness than basic dyes. An acid dye is a dye which is a salt of the sulfuric, carboxylic or phenolic organic and natural acid. Our manufactured acid dyes are added to dyeing bathing to boost the number of prorogated amino-groups in fabric. The offered Acid Dyes are generally divided into three classes which count on fastness necessities, level dyeing properties and economy. Our organization has huge spread infrastructure and demanding machines and equipments for the formulations of our products. We manage quality at every single phase of our production processes. We also do quality test of our products once they are processed with the aid of our quality control professionals.

Red Sun Dye Chem@ Acid Dyes which are composed of acidic molecular groups and function in a low pH environment with a mildly acidic fixing such as white vinegar or citric acid.


Red Sun Dye Chem offered Acid Dyes are mainly useful for dyeing nylon, silk, and wool. They are also helpful to dye protein fibers like angora, alpaca, mohair, feathers, etc.