Paper Dyes

We at Red Sun Dye Chem, are leading manufacturer for paper dyes for industrial usage. We are exporting the paper dyes to various cities and countries across the globe. We are offering special type of dye for dyeing paper pulp which can be used for cellulose machine dyeing and handmade paper. The dyes which are used in papers are also known as direct dyes that are widely used in newsprint and paper industry. Moreover the offered dyes are formulated in tune with set international standards for offering the finest quality to the customers.

We are committed to increase the quality of the products of our customers by offering them high quality dyes that not only give bright and splendid dyeing result but are also safe and non-toxic and lucrative. These offered paper dyes are used in paints for coloring paper and are readily soluble in water. Besides the offered paper dyes are accessible in a huge range of colors owing to our sophisticated manufacturing unit. All of our products are formulated from high grade raw materials and comply with the international standards of quality.

Red Sun Dye Chem@ Paper Dyes are excellent quality raw-material from reputed source and take utmost care in their manufacturing hence they are pure, strong as well as stable and highly coloured organic substances that are used for colouring paper.

Paper Dyes Manufacturer In India


Red Sun Dye Chem offered Paper Dyes are used in paints for coloring paper and are readily soluble in water.