Pigment Colors

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of finest quality of Pigment Colors which are essentially colored powder used to produce a full range of colors. It is well-known that the offered pigments are a primary material like petroleum or coal which is widely used to produce all types of paints and colouring material, enamels, acrylics, pastels, chalks, coloured pencils, oils, etc.  We are engaged in manufacturing the pigment colors as an inert colorant which has no binding power. These manufactured Pigment Colors are mainly composed of iron oxides and earth colors binding agents.

With the support of the experienced team of experts we are engaged in offering the pigment colors. We believe that continual improvement in each functional area is essential for the business growth. We plan for continual improvement through implementation of corporate objectives. We offer these products at reasonable rates and deliver these within the promised time-frame.  Our Pigment Powders are highly reliable and it offers several competitive advantages by offering visual purpose to diverse applications. The products are fabricated using the cutting edge manufacturing technology. These powders are manufactured in compliance with the industrial norms & standards.  

Red Sun Dye Chem@ Pigment Colors are a powdered substance that is mixed with a liquid in which it is relatively insoluble and used especially to impart color to coating materials like paint, inks, plastics, and rubber and various other industries.

Pigment Colors Supplier In India


Red Sun Dye Chem offered Pigment Colors that are mainly used in Inks, Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Rubber, Detergents, and many more. The list of application is only indicative of the variety of the uses to which the pigment can be put, and is not exhaustive.