Pulp Dyes

Backed years ago in this domain, we are considered to be one of the foremost manufacturer and supplier of Pulp Dyes which are widely used in papermaking and coating applications. We carry a full line of paper and pulp dyes, including disperse, acid, and direct dyes. These dyes carry optical brightener products for pulp whitening and pigment dispersion dyes for non-graniting solutions. Specific dyes can be selected to perform efficiently in acidic or alkaline pH levels. The offered Pulp Dyes are one of the oldest applications of dyes and pigments in the pulp industry. There are several grades and varieties of paper that undergo the dyeing process besides the regular writing paper.

Some of them include copier papers, facial tissue paper, envelope grades, cover papers, corrugated cases and specialty papers. Our products are available in liquid and powder form. Pulpable bag packaging solutions can assist in ease use in your manufacturing process and keep your facility clean of dyestuffs. Our pigments exhibit excellent light fastness properties and are non-graniting. Both our direct and basic dye ranges provide strong affinity properties at an economical value.

Red Sun Dye Chem@ Pulp Dyes are excellent quality raw-material from reputed source and take utmost care in their manufacturing hence they are pure, strong as well as stable and highly coloured organic substances that are used for colouring paper.

Pulp Dyes Supplier


Red Sun Dye Chem offered Pulp Dyes are used in paints for coloring paper and are readily soluble in water.