Salt Free Colors

Red Sun Dye Chem is the brand name well-known in the industrial market as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Salt Free Colors, which are eco-friendly dye that come with superior fastness properties. The offered Salt free colors are used where dyes are not appropriate due to their solubility in water. These offered Salt free colors are bright, consistent and extensively utilized to dyeing fabrics like cotton, wool, nylon and even having extensive usage in textile industry and accessible with the basic colors like orange, blue, yellow, green, even with some other secondary colors.

Exhibiting excellent dye exhaustion, these also feature improved dye fixation properties and are produced utilizing membrane technology. Our main motto is to provide innovative, practicality and delivering high-quality standards that has given us to develop a quality range of salt-free dyes. These manufactured Salt free dyes are processes using modern technologies, advanced testing instruments like automatic conductivity, ion-chromatogram, membranes and others so as to make sure availability of quality end products. These dyes are produced utilizing the membrane technology and Reverse Osmosis, which removes the impurities and salt during the processes and finally we are receiving the improved brilliancy dye and environment friendly dyes.

Red Sun Dye Chem@ salt free colors are highly concentrated dyes specifically manufactured for applications in ink and photographic industry.

Salt Free Dyes Manufacturer


Red Sun Dye Chem offered salt free colors mainly used in the printing industry for ink jet printers. The dyes are also used in the digital textile printing such as on T-shirts and other fabrics. We have a wide range of dye colors made using this technology ranging from direct blue 301 to direct violet, black, brown, yellow red and many other different hues.