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Carmoisine is an additional synthetic food dye in the red to maroon colour range that restrains NN and CC chromophore groups that is also known as food red 3 and acid red 14. Being soluble in water, Synthetic Carmoisine Food Color comes with melting point of >300 C that makes these suitable for coloring of cosmetics, medicines and food. Carmoisine, also known as Azorubine, is an artificial food coloring with a red hue. A fine dark red powder which creates a clear bright red colour when diluted with water.

Carmoisine must be listed as an ingredient on food goods in several nations, including the European Union and the United States. It may be referred to on the label as "Carmoisine," "E122" (carmoisine's European food additive designation), or "Food Red 3."

It is significant to highlight that the safety of synthetic food colorings, particularly carmoisine, has been the topic of public discussion. Some consumers would rather use natural colourants in place of artificial ones, such as beetroot extract or other plant-based hues.

Carmoisine Food Color Specification

  • Product Name: Carmoisine Food Color
  • Color Shade:
  • Color Index No. : 14720
  • Synonyms: Food Red-3
  • Chemical Name: Di-sodium salt of 2-(4 sulpho -1-naphthylazo)-1-naphthol-4-sulphonic acid
  • CAS No: 3567-69-9
  • Class: Monoazo
  • Total Dye Content % Min. : 87
  • Loss on Drying at 135°C & Sodium Chloride & Sulphates % Max. : 13
  • Water Insoluble Matter % Max. : 0.2
  • Ether Extracts % Max. : 0.2
  • Subsidiary Dye % Max. : 1.0
  • Dyes Intermediates % Max. : 0.50
  • Unsulphonated Primary Aromatic Amines % Max. : 0.01
  • Lead (AS "Pb") PPM (Max.) : 10.00
  • Arsenic (AS "Pb") PPM (Max.) : 1.00
  • Mercury (AS "Pb") PPM (Max.) : 1.0
  • Chromium (AS "Pb") PPM (Max.) : 5.0
  • Heavy Metal PPM Max. : 40.00

Solubility of Carmoisine Food Color at room temperature

  • Water (gms./ltr.)  : 120.00
  • Glycerine (gms./ltr.) : 120.00
  • PropyleneGlycon (gms./ltr.) : 50.00
  • Ethanol (95%) (gms./ltr.) : Trace
Stability to Acids Excellent
Stability to Neutral Excellent
Stability to Alkalines Better
Stability to Baking 205°C (400°F) Good
Stability to Light Best
Stability to Heat Betters
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