Food Color in South Africa

Synthetic Food Color in South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem is a manufacturer of food dye's, colours, flavours, detergents and fragrances in South Africa and currently, We are the prominent supplier of food color in south Africa. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the premium quality of food color at south Africa.

The essence of nature is its magnificent world of colors and their unfathomable shades. Shading triggers a psychophysical peculiarity, which shapes a significant basis for acknowledgment and quality conceptualization separated from adding a tasteful touch to life. Red Sun Dye Chem is one of the foremost as well as leading Synthetic Food Color manufacturer, supplier , exporter in India. We are supplying and exporting food color in various forms consisting of powder, liquid and granular form too.

Food Color Manufacturer in South Africa

We can also called synthetic food color as an artificial food color. We are manufacturing the standard quality of food color as per International food color. And as we are matching our customer specification, we came across as the best food color manufacturer in India.

Natural Food Color

Natural food color are basically obtained from natural products like fruits and vegetables. These natural color incorporate the red from paprika natural products, yellow from turmeric roots, orange red of annatto seeds, yellow-orange from marigold flowers and green from leaves. As indicated by the application an appropriate Natural Color can be accomplished by remembering the elements like pH, heat, light, stockpiling and different fixings.

Primary Food Color South Africa

Primary Food Color is planned to be utilized for adding a visual allure for the last food thing for expanding deals. It is totally appropriate to be utilized for pastries, snacks, meat and fish items, confectionary things, and canned food. This color doesn't show any risky impact subsequently is profoundly requested among customers. Primary Food Color function as food color /shading added substance and help with bestowing shading when added to food/drink. These are made accessible in various completion structures containing gels, fluids, powders, glues and track down utilization in business food creation just as in domestic use. Other than food, these are likewise utilized in non-food applications including clinical gadgets, beauty care products, pharmaceutical.

Lake Food Color South Africa

Lakes Food Color are as water insoluble and offer more security than colors and are great for shading items containing fats and oils or things lacking adequate dampness to break down colors. They are essentially the shade which is ready from an essential water solvent colorant under a watery climate. Lake colors offers the better particles which develops the Staining Fortitude and helps in less Bleeding. These Lake Tones are accessible in three fixations 12-18 %, 22-28% and 35-42%.

Blended Food Color South Africa

Blended Food Color is the mixer of two or more water soluble color. We offers a wide range of blended food color as per our clients or customer request. As per our client request we developed blended food color.

Shades Blended Colors
Lemon Yellow
Egg Yellow
Orange Red
Rose Pink
Strawberry Red
Coffee Brown
Dark Chocolate
Apple green
Lime Green
Pea Green
Black Currant

FD & C Color South Africa

FD&C color pigments are synthetic colors produced using coal tar, containing weighty metal salts that store toxins onto the skin that can cause skin affectability and aggravation. Found in shampoos, toothpastes, body washes, cleaning agents, child items, wipes, hand washes, antiperspirants, salves, creams, deodorants and so on.

D & C Color South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem stand among the most prominent and incredible manufacturer, supplier and exporter of D & C Colors application to the cosmetic and personal care trades. We are the representative of brands and meets all standard quality urge by the global norms. D & C are the color used in cosmetic as well as in medical drugs.

Client Projects for Food Color:

Exporter / Supplier Cities / Countries
Paper Dyes exporter South Africa
Food Color supplier Hongkong
Pigment Dyes Importer USA , South Africa , Colombia , Chili
Acid Dyes Importer Brazil , Germany , Italy , Srilanka , Spain , Peru , Chili , Colombia
Food Color Importer Algeria , South africa , Brazil ,

Application Of Food Color :

  • Beverages
  • Processed Foods
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery Products
  • Dairy Products
  • Pet Foods
  • Colored Sugar

Frequently Asked Question about Us :

What is synthetic food color?

Synthetic food color are manufactured from some substances which are chemically synthesized into edible products.

Is synthetic food healthy?

Furthermore, artificial products may really contain an over the top nutrient or mineral! You might be ingesting too much of specific supplements, particularly in the event that you regularly eating similar food varieties. What's more isn't better! For instance, devouring an excessive amount of nutrient A can cause headache and decreased bone strength.

What is Food color?

Food coloring or additive color is a dye or pigment which adds color to the food or drink.

How many types of food Colours are there?

There are basically 7 types of food colors which are suitable to used with various mixtures and receipes.

Happy Satisfied Customers :

The place is good though and kept really hygienic.Response from their side was very supportive and kind. Highly recommended.

Vivek Pathak

Red Sun Dye Chem has provided reliable high quality and industry leading service levels to us for over a decade. Their reliability, high quality of Dyes have made a significant contribution to our organization’s success.

Prakash Patel

Bakery Products - Food Color

Dairy Products - Food Color Application

Red Sun Dye Chem deals in Food Color – Related Types

Acid Dyes Manufacturer South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem is a Government certified export house. We are prominent and leading as a manufacturer, supplier as well as exporter of Acid dyes. We manufacture brilliant and an excellent quality of acid dye , acid yellow, red , orange, black and blue dyes. Moreover to ensure our best quality products , we offered acid dyes which are tested by our experts under various parameters. We have proved ourselves as the best acid dye manufacturer.

Direct Dyes Supplier / Exporter South Africa

Acid dye sound unnerving to certain learners, who envision that the colors are solid acids. The colors are non-harmful, and are named for the gentle corrosive utilized in the coloring system, and for the sorts of bonds they structure to the fiber. Acid dyes are utilized in coloring leather, paper and their specific worth lies in their capacity to create more brilliant or more uniform colors. Usually many textile industries prefer our direct dye product due to our reasonable cost, brilliant features, and fully absorbed into the fabric. We offer high quality and eco friendly products. We are one of the finest and prominent direct dyes supplier as well as direct dyes exporter.

Direct Dyes Supplier / Exporter South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem is leading in supplying high-grade quality of dyes, pigments dye and various chemicals auxiliaries to a broadbase of manufacturer and industries, where the color is the significant finished products. We quickly respond to the needs of our clients and customers with high quality custom , on time delivery of the products, dedicated customer service as well as troubleshooting. Red Sun Dye Chem has sales, warehousing and laboratory facilities too.

Agro Dyes Manufacturer South Africa

Acid dyes are widely used in agro based industry. Acid dye is basically applied in agricultural products like fertilizers, pesticides as well as different agricultural chemicals. It is mostly used due to its brilliant and attractive colors. Agro dyes manufacturer are vastly applied in the industries manufacturing pesticides as well as fertilizers for agricultural usage.

Paper Dyes Supplier / Manufacturer / Exporter South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem is the leading manufacturer of paper dyes for industrial usage. We are the supplier and exporter of paper dye to various countries. We have achieved a deep understanding of the relationships between paper making from our value added clients and chemistry . Our value added customers are valuable to us. We gained the highest position as the paper dye supplier , manufacturer as well as exporter.

Detergent Dyes Supplier South Africa

Red Sun Color Chem is a top manufacturing organization for detergent dyes supplier in India. We are the known manufacturer , supplier and exporters for colors and colorants for cleansers just as cleansers, Vehicle washing Cleanser and Clothing Cleanser Ventures accessible in different shadings. We have different items in the powder and the fluid structure which are accessible in the water dissolvable and oil solvent grades. Being a main manufacturer and exporter of colors and dyestuff, our items are accessible all around the world. USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are the significant nations for global product.

Nylon Dyes Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporter / Distributor South Africa

Nylon dye is a manufactured fiber generally utilized in modern applications because of its scraped area obstruction, sturdiness, high "stretch" capacity, and versatility. They are likewise utilized broadly in athletic apparel and howdy tech light-weight microfiber articles of clothing which give further developed breathability, water resistence, sturdiness, and solace. Other nylon finished results incorporate rope and cordage, parachute texture, sail fabric, and freight ties. Natural Colors and Colors offers various corrosive and scatter color lines for nylon giving a wide shade and actual property range. Red Sun Dye Chem is one of the finest manufacturer , supplier and exporter of Nylon dye.

Salt Free Dyes Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporter South Africa

Red Sun Dye Chem is a prominent organization engaged in providing high quality salt free dyes. In order to manufactured the salt free dyes using advance technology our experts consume high quality of various ingredients from the market. Right now we supply a flawless range of these salt free dyes at a very nominal pocket friendly rates to our domestic as well as international customers. We are leading and supreme salt free dye manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

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Cape Town Durban Johannesburg
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